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Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden

Book:The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden
Author: Jonas Jonasson

Crazy. That's one way to look at this book. I wonder what the author had/did before the idea of this book germinated in his head....

 As weird as the name of the book, that is how weird the plot of the book, which by no means is a bad thing at least in this case. The book traces the path that the life of 5 year old young Nombeko whose sharp wits, brilliant intelligence transfer her from the shacks of  apartheid South Africa to peace loving Sweden so that she can get rid of a 10-megaton atomic bomb that accidentally landed in her lap which by the by she played a role in building.
It covers ~35 years of the girls life and juxtaposes it with historical/political events/figures, blending fact and fiction into a masterpiece of a story. In parallel runs another story of a Swedish family and their fight with the monarchy. The whole book is a combination of events that are improbable, outrageous and bordering on the ridiculous. I was often left wondering what crazy concoction is the author going to come up with in the coming pages?

The humor is dry and witty, its not a back slapping comedy. Lots of sections of the book is a third person narrative and something that will put many....many people to throw the book away. In my opinion the book runs an extra 100 -150 pages and towards the end it dragged on esp when the author started delving into the past of every character e.g. the king and his history.

Interestingly I finished it on Women's day, a perfect way to end a book whose chief protagonist was a woman who defied all odds and changed her life from a latrine cleaning woman to a .. . No matter what are background, if we  women decide it then we can move mountains...and getting rid of a ten megaton atomic bomb seems plausible too...

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