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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn

Book - Gone Girl
Author - Gillian Flynn

Boy meets rich beautiful girl….They marry. (Awwww….)

Both lose their jobs/money is finishing fast (But of course)….

Bad times begin and the ugly husband /wife rear its head.  (Now who would have thought of that!!)

Husband cheats (Disbelief…what a shocker!!)                                
Wife is missing. Husband guilty (speechless….)

If nothing this book is a mish-mash of all the cliches put together, in the most twisted and dark fashion possible.
Kill me. Kill me now! Gone Girl will be my nemesis.

I read the first part, flipping the pages, thinking that the wonderful reviews out there would be justified.
The first part finished without so much as my brain registering even a spike of intrigue and me suppressing a yawn.
Really a best seller? Indeed? There has to be some reason….

And thus started the second part. And I was surprised by the turn……mildly.

The second part of the book is definitely better than the first, which was just blah. Although the second part built up the suspense quotient (in terms of how it would end…kill me….), it had a lot of cussing and the choice of words, the sexual connotations/references were not to my taste. (That’s why I never read Fifty Shades of Gray….) The plot in itself if one were to look at it logically was flawed.  But because of the way the story was shaping up I moved on to the third section.

And thus started the third part. And ended quickly enough. The last page was a shocker and by that I don’t mean that it was a real suspense/twist et al. I was shocked because I thought some of the pages of the book had been ripped away but that was not possible as I was reading the kindle edition of the book. So it was an actual ending. A deliberate decision by the author to end it this way. 


I was awake till 2:00 am to complete the book  (kindle showed 80% and then I just had to finish the book that very night!) and when I did, I spent the remaining hours cursing Gillian Flynn and myself in turns. Gillian Flynn for writing this crap and me for reading it. 

It is an overrated book by an overrated writer like so many others out there.

Skip it if you haven’t got the book, Shred it if you have the book and not read it, Stop reading if you haven’t finished yet. For the rest join the club of Gone Girl miserables….

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