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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Carrie Diaries - Candance Bushnell

After what seems like a decade (actually 18 months) , I finally read a book and finished it too!

And at the end of it I feel exhausted and weary.

It didn’t start this way though.

I wanted a light read, something I could breeze through without burdening my tired and sleep deprived mind. And I chanced to come across ‘The Carrie Diaries’ by Candance Bushnell.
Having liked (at times loved) the SATC series (not the movies) it was not a difficult decision to make given the other options at hand.

I was interested from the word go. And I read through the pages hungrily, a soul deprived of books (thanks to motherhood), and before I knew it I had completed 50% of the book. And then it was time to shut shop and go back to being a mother.

I left with a nice, happy feeling, excited and curious about how it would all end. I think I even dreamt about it, but I can’t be sure as my sleep is pretty erratic due to my 1 year old.

I liked the Carrie in this book, she had a spine and at some level she resonated with the grown-up Carrie from SATC. But the other characters were all new – high school kids going through the tough time when they are neither children nor fully adults.

I could sympathize with them and their self inflicted situations. However I couldn’t understand for the world of it the mindless smoking and boozing. I hope reality is different. I know it is – or was. (I shudder thinking what it will be when my son is in High School…digressing..oops)

So next day, I began from where I left off and it was all downward spiraling from there on. Carrie changed – she became irrational, illogical, revengeful, paranoid, jealous – all typical personality alterations that happen when a girl gets too involved with a boy. It was tedious reading pages after pages of the same thing.

The storyline slipped somewhere halfway into a deep abyss leaving behind pages of empty words that I was only too eager to get over with (not wanting to abandon it and start my reading on a wrong note)

The last chapters are all obvious, actually in retrospective, the entire book is obvious.
Candance Bushnell has put high school into paper, there is no originality in the book, no literary showmanship in the way the sentences has been constructed – infact there is no witty or funny line that I could find that is kind of a USP of SATC which I closely identified with.

But then – I think – these are kids – they can’t be expected to dish out Tolstoy as this is a ‘Diary’ after all. 
So technically I have to forgive Busnell.

But I needn’t have suffered through it.

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