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Monday, January 6, 2014

Definitely NOT a Loser!

This year begins with an author interview of the newly released book by Penguin - "What a Loser"

Pankaj Dubey is a debutant author with "What a Loser" being his first published work. However he is not new to the writing arena, having tested these waters in short stories and working in Bollywood.

So I reached out to Pankaj (alias PD) a few days back asking him if he would be interested in an interview to which he willingly agreed. I wanted to keep it short and got some really fun responses, a clear indication of the humor that can be found in his book as well....


a    How did you come up with the title?

I think ‘What A Loser!’ is an international ridicule of non-acceptance. People with unsure identities try to confirm or ascertain their identities through widely accepted contemporary norms and brands. As my protagonist honestly adhere to all this, I zeroed down on the title, What A Loser! (English) and Loser kahin ka! (Hindi.)

b  What was the hardest part about writing this book?

Many. This is a bilingual effort by the same author. Both the novels are original work by the same author and none has been translated from the other. It was really a task to transcribe your feelings, your puns, humour and satire in both the languages keeping the ‘hook’ elements for the different sect of readers intact.

Subsequently, I took a difficult route to be sarcastic about my own self instead of others. You really require shedding a lot of your egos to be able to mock at yourself. Now I realize, keeping yourself in the center of all jokes gives a lot of fun and pun to the readers and the listeners besides keeping you level headed.

c  If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?

I think writing is like good sex. You always want to keep trying new positions and tricks to allure. I would like to play conservative and be a monogamous writer.

d  How did your interest in writing originate?

I have always been a writer. Right from engraving my feelings for my childhood sweetheart on my classroom’s desk with my compass to writing the obituary of my grandfather, I’ve always shown my creative tinge. The more I am written off, the urge to write back grows more and more.

e     Do you see writing as a career...will there be more books in the future?

Career is temporary. Passion is forever. Writing is a passion and will write forever.

f   What do you feel about the sudden rise of Indian writers in the book world?

Hardbound was scary. It reminded you of the difficult school text books. Things changed with the rise of paperbacks in India. There was always an appetite for quick reading and paperbacks served as instant noodles.


Read more about the book here.

About the Author:

Pankaj Dubey is an Indian Author and Screenwriter based out of Mumbai.

Pankaj has worked as Script Supervisor in the recently released Disney UTV feature film Ghanchakkar, Directed by Raj Kumar Gupta and now working in Chauranga by Anticlock Films.

Pankaj has also produced two short films Naach Ganesh (Dance of Ganesha) and Geelee (Wet Dreams) screened at Busan International Film Festival, IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam), Clermont Ferrand, (France) Stuttgart, (Germany) and Indian Film Festival, Los Angeles under his banner Sadak Chhaap Films.

Prior to being a part of the film industry Pankaj has a professional background in Journalism. He has worked with the BBC World Service in London and then with Channel 7 (now IBN7) and TV Today Group in New Delhi, India. A law graduate from Campus Law Centre, Delhi University Pankaj Dubey has done his Masters in Applied Communications from Coventry University, West Midlands, UK.

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