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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

False Impression

This will be two book review, yet it will be quite short. My mind is all over the place these days for personal reasons and I am finding it very challenging to read books and then review them...therefore the huge gap between this review and the last....

Nevertheless, I read two suspense and action novels during this period, probably because they are not that taxing to the brain and a relatively easy read while managing to give a decent satisfaction quotient as well.

False Impression - Jeffery Archer - Nothing to be impressed about

This book is about an art dealer with scruples who stumbles upon her boss's evil designs with respect to one of his clients. Anna, the protagonist, rushes to her aid only to discover that the patron has been brutally murdered and now she is in the line of fire and must at all cost protect a very valuable Van Gogh painting while risking her life and of those close to her.

The backdrop is the 9/11 attacks and Anna has to fake her death as the cat-and-mouse chase ensues. At intervals there is a cheap sort of romance also that blossoms between Anna and the FBI agent who is following her and considers her a suspect in murders that have happened in different parts of the world and are related to Anna's boss's firm.

There is no suspense here, the bad guy is revealed at the very start. It is more a action-thriller than a suspense/mystery book. Writing is plain, the story is not that clever, the good guys win the bad ones are dead or end locked up.

The Red House Mystery - A.A.Milne - Surprisingly good

I picked up this book as I had some time @work and this was displayed prominently by feedbooks  on its landing page. A short read and having garnered decent reviews I plunged into this book, to be surprised. In a good way.

The story is about a murder that takes place in an English village (?) with the murderer (the owner of the Red House) mysteriously disappearing, leaving behind scared guests and a very suspicious cousin and a novice detective.

It is a lighthearted read, that takes a dig at the Sherlock-Watson duo with the wit and playful jokes exchanged between our first time detective, Antony, and protagonist and his friend Bill. How they go about solving the murder is what fills in the pages.

While not really being revolutionary, it has a decent suspense thread running that did manage to keep me engaged and finish this book in 2 sittings ( I was at work, else it could have been one go...)

If you are a Agatha Christie or Sherlock Holmes fan then you are bound to like this book and it is recommended. Plus its free.

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