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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fast Food Nation

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Author – Eric Schlosser

I’m Loving It. [pun intended since the book is all about McDonald bashing]

What the book is about

The book is an investigation into the practices followed by the fast food and its auxiliary companies that are proving out to be a bane for the society we live in. The book covers some of the famous and successful companies in the world like Mc Donald’s, IBP, ConAgra etc and how if one digs deeper, the ghastly truth of employee exploitation, legislative manipulation for self greed, unfair means adoption with independent farmers, suppliers and the apathy and profit seeking attitude towards health, including those of innocent children.

This book may have an American context, but the footprints of the consumerist greed and evil may as well be applicable in any part of the world.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Twist in the Tale

Author - Jeffrey Archer

Twist? What Twist?What Tale?...(Zzzz…snore…snore…Zzzz)

What the book is about
It’s a collection of eleven short stories that have a twist in them – at the end obviously – that is meant to shock/surprise the reader.

What I liked about the book


Zero Percentile 2.0

The book in review is a giveaway win from author Niraj Chibba and is a sequel to an earlier book of the same name i.e. Zero Percentile which I haven’t read.

What is the book about
It’s a story about four people who are or were friends and the twists and turns in their lives that take place. The setting of the story has an IT context and the race to launch a product that will change the dynamics of the Pharma Industry. Motu, the co-founder of NumeroSoft and his team of friends who are also his collegues at work come together to fight the plot against a hostile takeover of the company and thwart any attempts to sabotage their unique product which they have named as ‘Babe’.
A parallel thread about the personal challenges of each of these characters is also woven into the story – be it Arun’s marriage issues and struggle with the acceptance of his ‘special’ daughter, Nitin’s fight against AIDS, Jhaanvi’s battle against her past ghosts that has forever prejudiced her mind against men.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My First Giveaway Win

I had particiapted in a Giveaway on GoodReads never actually thinking that I would win - the odds are always against and the eternal skeptic that I am, it was a pleasant surprise to see an email sitting there all smiles in my inbox.

The book in question is by an Indian Author - Neeraj Chibba - and the book is Zero Percentile 2.0
 Its a sequel to the earlier book with the same name. I havent read that but I am hoping that it will have little impact on the story...

Expect a review of it pretty soon....