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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Something Fresh

This is my second P.G. Wodehouse, that follows close on the heels of my first P.G. Wodehouse's Damsel in Distress. Although, I didn't find Something Fresh as filled with satire or subtle humor as Damsel in Distress, it definitely didnt dissapoint in terms of the plot.

I perhaps may not be well equipped to draw conclusions on the author and his style of writing only after having read 2 of his books, yet I am going to attempt it.

Something Fresh is also based on this simple plot. But this time around, love takes a backseat in the novel. Instead the quest for a supposedly "stolen" scarab is in full swing. Freddie Threepwood, the younger son of the 9th Earl of Emsworth, is engaged to be married to Aline Peters, the daughter of American millionaire J. Preston Peters. So Preston hires the Ashe Marson who pretends to be his valet, and Joan Valentine who stumbles upon this piece of information and convinces her old time friend Aline to hire her as her maid so that she can recover the scarab.The two set out on this road, to get an extra buck, but there are hurdles on their way in terms of the omnipresent and suspicious secretary. 

There is a hero - the lost, lovelorn hero who abandons everything in pursuit of something - a lady or a scarab (in this book). Then there is the heroine, who, surprisingly is shown in very bold colors, has an opinion and is not shy of voicing it out loud and take a stand. Given the time when these novels was written when thwarting the suffragettes was in full force, it is definitely to be admired. And that too written by a male!
So the main protagonists of our story, do not realize that they love each other and in most probability the female has her heart set on some other man, but then they go through some trying situations and the heroine realizes who her true love is and then all ends well.

There is a twist in the end in terms of who actually is able to steal the scarab. It keeps the reader hooked, even if the funny moments are few [at least for me]. The eccentricity of the characters is quite entertaining. It was worth the time spent.

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