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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jill the Reckless

Typical Wodehouse.

And that should give all the information about the book than a 1-page book review. But still I will give a more detailed review else how could I justify this blog?

So there is romance, like the other novels. And there are the usual bunch of eccentric characters with their set of idiosyncrasies that will make you laugh and tear your hair at the same time. The theme that ties the story together is the socio-economic divide that plays out as a huge factor in the romance between our protagonists.

Wodehouse novels always, always have a love triangle. And in this case the third person who ultimately wins over the lady love is a scriptwriter, a childhood friend of Jill - after whom the novel is named.

Jill is predictably enough portrayed as a strong character who doesn't shy away from doing some hard, menial, physically exhausting work once she realizes that all her riches have been wasted away thanks to her mad yet lovable uncle. So she moves from London to New York, the city of dreams, to run away from her past where her boyfriend Derek's shadows looms. In two minds about her lover, she is uncertain about her true feelings for her childhood friend and realizes it in the nick of time, before the book ends. [this can hardly qualify for a spoiler alert - all his books end this fashion!]

I didnt find it as great as the other two that I have read so far. I found it slightly floundering in the middle and it was tedious. I found myself skimming through the paras and flip on to the next page. So it was an average P.G. Wodehouse. Or perhaps it had to do with the fact that it was at the 3rd in a row that led to the failing.

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