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Monday, August 13, 2012

Fall of Giants OR a Lesson in WW 1 History


Its 11pm and I am 50% complete. My emotions are in a state of ambivalence and I can't make up my mind if I like the book or loathe it.

I had to update my Goodreads progress status and thats when I realize I have read 500 pages.  

500 PAGES! -That is like 2 Metro Reads that has caught the fancy of the country and the publishers alike.

500 pages and I don't know where the story is going. Book Two which focuses on an exhaustive and detailed narrative of the WW1 comes very close to reminding me of my history books that are lying somewhere forgotten, neglected moth ridden. There is a lot of politics, backdoor politics to be precise between the great powers of the world. Britain being torn internally on the support to the war, America watching on the sidelines and millions already dead.

And Ken Follet leaves no stone unturned in making it as detailed as possible. Yawn. 
I like historical fiction [atleast I thought I did] but I dont want history to be told verbatim in a work of fiction. History that fills pages and pages in which innumerable characters come and go.

And that is the other frustrating aspect of the book. Two many characters!!

Personally I feel, Follet would have done better if he had kept the characters limited, because honestly he is not able to do justice to all of them. There is the old mine town teenager and his sister who hog significant word space only to fitter out later on. And then the Russian brothers. Too many parallel stories and too much sex. Descriptive sex.

Dont get me wrong. I am not being a prude. But reading about sex makes me feel queer. I don't know why - probably because reading makes it more vivid??? 

I have still to finish the book, so the rest of the review will follow once am done. 

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