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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Secret Adversary

Book - The Secret Adversary
Author - Agatha Christie
Rating 2.5 stars out of 5


Post War, British diplomats are highly strung because an important and secret paper has been lost, and were it to fall in wrong hands could prove to be disastrous to the government and the country. And the chase begins.

If you think you have heard this one before, then the answer is yes. A million times probably. There is nothing new and at the time this book was written it must have been a highly fanciful and heart fluttering topic to write about. For that matter, spies haven’t lost their infamous position in the world of fiction, be it books or movies or television, yet. And going by the trend it isn’t something that will abate any time soon.

The book is a spy-thriller, the quest for the illusive Mr. Brown whom no one has seen but all claim to be a person with exceptional power and a memory to chill the most daring of all.
This of course doesn’t deter our young detectives ~ Tommy and Tuppence (the names should give you an indication of whats ahead) who want to earn an extra buck and so dive head-on into the search for the papers willing to risk it all if it were to give them decent cash. And as they say fortune favors the brave and fortune here comes chasing these young people who drop everything to go on this mission. They encounter friends and foes, catch and get caught, are beaten and end up thrashing others. All the action is packed in here. And so is love and its natural predecessor flirtation.

It all ends well. That can hardly be a surprise and can hardly be called a spoiler. It has too, after all  Agatha Christie, bored of the egoistic Hercule Poirot and no doubt the sluggish Ms Marple, had to resort to a more adrenaline pumped duo, albeit intellectually slightly deficient in comparison. And she had to keep them alive if she had to churn out more of their escapades so that she could rid herself of the monotony and her readers too I presume. 

You can pick this one up if a) you are low on book budget, for this one is now under public domain and b) if you want a light mystery fiction and are travelling and/or have nothing better to do.
Not the best of her works but not her worst either.

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