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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the OperaThe Phantom of the Opera

by Gaston Leroux

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a story! Right from the first page, Leroux had my interest piqued and sustained till the very last word. It has all the right doses of suspense, drama, romance, jealousy that assimilate together to weave an enthralling story and its characters.

The setting of the book is not the usual commonplace one is likely to find it other novels - An Opera house in Paris, which I now found out actually exists and if it does, then its on my must visit places where I ever to land in Paris. The place is an enigma just like Eric who is shrouded with mystery as he breathes life to the famous Opera Ghost. The antics of the Ghost and his escapades are at times mortifying and at times amusing and funny, but never really managed to scare me. And I believe Leroux was never aiming for that either.

Its a classic love triangle, the difference is that the third actor in this romance is a ghost or monster who surprise,surprise has a heart beating somewhere within the dark gallows of his soul. The mental struggle of Christine as she sways between Roul and Eric is very well portrayed (worded). Her abduction, Roul and the Persian's search for her and then the end in which the author cleverly explains how the Phantom operated is worthy of applaud. The English is simple, has hints of the early days diction which didn't perturb me given the excellent story line.

I am surprised that I  never read this one before, but as they say better late than never! And this book unequivocally justifies that for me.

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