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Friday, June 15, 2012

Tea for two and a piece of cake

Tea for two and a piece of cake by Preeti Shenoy

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I wish the story was as beautiful as the book cover :-(

Its a beach book, to be read with the lowest expectation possible, and once done to be kept in the darkest corner of your book shelf because its not a piece of work that you would want to possibly revist. I bought this book because I needed something to read on my flight and it was the cheapest option available. Its not always quality that sells (wink)

The story is so very mundane, that there is absolutely nothing to look forward to as you turn the pages of the book. The obvious is printed from the word go.
Its a fiction which has all its lines stolen from the truth - a truth that many women find themselves to be a victim of (and I squarely blame them for it, its no fault of the men). Of course, the author has done a fine balancing act of not pointing fingers whether it was Nisha or Samir who was to blame for the collapse of their relationship.

I am sure many women will be able to relate to the story, which is the reason for its success/good reviews (my belief). From a literary perspective, it just about makes it to the average mark.

To give a quick summary for the book - its about Nisha, a person who was ignored throughout her early part of life by her father and friends, and who suddenly finds herself to be the cynosure of a handsome and successful man (Samir). She falls from him, there is some paras right out from a Mills & BOon book, and then marries him,
only to morph from an independent woman to a vine of ivy, clinging to her husband and changing her mission to be the best mother in the world at the altar of her marriage. They separate (for obvious reasons) and she finds herself in the arms of her much younger ex-colleague who had nourished a hidden desire for eight years (wow! in today's world?!) and helps her get back to her feet and then she finds him indispensable and then rushes back to him (bah!).

The ending is equally trite, Nisha's logic is something I fail to understand. She decides to have a live-in, jointly buys a house with him, uproots herself from the city she has lived forever to go back to a remote city. How is this better than marriage? At least in marriage you have legal rights. And getting your heart broken is the more serious risk. Either you commit completely or you dont. there is no middle ground to it.

The Epilogue was stupid and totally unnecessary. If the author intended to highlight the fact that stay at home moms are frustrated and unhappy with their lives, she couldnt be further from the mark. In our society less than 30% women are working. And trust me, if we had 70% unhappy and angry women in the country, there would be war!!

The language was easy, no fancy stuff here, and all in all its a ok book. You can give it a miss and trade it for a better book.

A technical error that I found was the mention of Haagen Daz ice cream in the year 2001. The company didnt start operations in India till 2009, so perhaps the book is fictitious after all! (sarcasm intended)

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