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Friday, June 8, 2012

Kindle for your PC

For all those book lovers who have felt deprived at not being able to read the several e-books (free) that are available for Kindle users then its time to cheer up. Fret no more.

You can download the Kindle software from Amazon for your PC (windows or MAC) and install it and you are all set! All you need is to get those e-books for Kindle and then immerse yourself between the pages...ah bliss!

The moment you are done, you will get to see a list of e-books that are available at no cost. Additionally you can search for other kindle books on Amazon with a few clicks and even buy if you so wish.

You also have the option of downloading the dictionary (post registration) and it will be at your disposal on 1-click. pretty awesome isn't it? (I am gushing over this, but i have to appreciate the features even if its very very late in the day)

PS - for those who already knew it, good for you! but please don't patronize me, I may be slow in keeping up with the technical advancements.

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