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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Monsoon Reads #1

The rains finally arrive, ten days late as the met department reports. Who cares? I am busy enjoying the cool breeze and the gathering of the dark clouds as they rumble high up and the first drops of rain hit my face. A short burst and everything looks fresh, green and alive once more! Gone are the shriveled and shrunken leaves and branches of the trees, the dust has settled down, the sun is hiding behind the clouds and a tiny rainbow peeps from behind. And I can't but help break into a smile and clap my hands in joy. Just like nature, I feel rejuvenated as well.

And I drag myself back into the house and with free time at my hands, I indulge in the best thing that I can possibly think. I brew a hot cup of ginger tea, scourge for my rainy-day-book and curl up on the bed, content and soon lost in the world of fiction.

This made me think, if for every season can there be a perfect book match that gels with the sense of mood that is prevailing. And the answer is an obvious 'YES'. So, I racked my brain, thinking which book would I tag as a rainy-day-read? It cannot definitely be a boring or of a serious/philosophical kind. Na-aha - that's not for me. Just like my  masala ginger tea, the book has to be spicy!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Tea for two and a piece of cake

Tea for two and a piece of cake by Preeti Shenoy

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I wish the story was as beautiful as the book cover :-(

Its a beach book, to be read with the lowest expectation possible, and once done to be kept in the darkest corner of your book shelf because its not a piece of work that you would want to possibly revist. I bought this book because I needed something to read on my flight and it was the cheapest option available. Its not always quality that sells (wink)

The story is so very mundane, that there is absolutely nothing to look forward to as you turn the pages of the book. The obvious is printed from the word go.
Its a fiction which has all its lines stolen from the truth - a truth that many women find themselves to be a victim of (and I squarely blame them for it, its no fault of the men). Of course, the author has done a fine balancing act of not pointing fingers whether it was Nisha or Samir who was to blame for the collapse of their relationship.

Anne of Green Gables

Got the book courtesy Project Gutenberg

I read this book during my "breaks" at work, so its spaced out over a month and its not because I had a heavy deluge at work, but more so because there wasn't enough substance in the book to draw me back to it.

It's about this orphan girl who is accidentally adopted by two siblings of Avonlea and five years of her life is covered in this classic literature. Anne Shirley is a highly imaginative teenager, prone to prolonged bouts of day dreaming and relentless chatting.

I found her monologues, honestly, to be very very annoying and frustrating. 80% of the book seems to be stuck in a rut going on and on in a predefined theme - Anne's vivid daydreaming, falling prey to an accident and then getting around it. Its only towards the end that there is some forward movement, and in these chapters the author hurriedly covers two years, transforming Anne from the vivacious, garrulous and vain girl to a mature and quiet teenager.