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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blowing my brains out!

Book - Face of Life
Author - Rijo, Roy
Rating - 1/2 *

As a first reader I am obligated to review this book [even though I cringe at the mere thought of it]. The root of the problem – why such a book was published – goes back to the cursed day when a person called Chetan Bhagat [I absolutely loathe him] materialized out of nowhere into the (Indian) writing world and single handedly managed in pushing the quality of books published to the edge of an abyss and then mercilessly plummeting it into the depths of what can only be called a creative hell hole – again and again. This led to the mushrooming of writers that a) have no real story to tell and b) no writing capability and c) publishing houses that see this as a quick way to make a fast buck without giving a second thought to the devastating effect it’s having in the writing arena.

And Face of Life is the recent victim of this current trending phenomenon. 

I won’t go into the story, as somewhere I lost track of it (rather stopped caring) but miraculously still managed to complete it. It’s a book that I won’t blame the author for as much (many people desire to be a writer – but having the desire and having competency are two entirely different things) as the publishers and the moron editor who should probably shut shop and go find an alternative business. 
For a debutant author, having an accomplished editor is absolutely mandatory, but going by the grammatical mistakes, absurd usage of words, loopholes in the plot - i have serious doubts if accidentally it was the first draft that got published or the editor should go back to school.

For the first time in my life i actually sat with a pencil in hand, correcting and marking out the mistakes like an English teacher till the book had a mutilated feel about it. It was tiresome and pitable that such writings see the light of day when all such work should be sent to the trash can.

It’s my ardent appeal to all aspiring writers – read, read and read more - go back to classics not the colloquial trash of the likes of Mr, Bhagat and his clan.

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