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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Quintessential Short Story

[PS - please leave your recommendations for short stories]

I have been dabbling with writing for a while, the while going back to when I was twelve years old…yup, I am a slow, very slow mover. Sluggish would be more appropriate. Temperamental as well.

Anyways, with the unlikely event of one of my stories making it to a paperback (moment of truth: I so underestimate my writing that I actually have arrived to the conclusion that the anthologies would be all appalling even if it’s been selected by the British Council ) I have decided to take a disciplined approach to master the craft or art of story writing. I have been browsing the net for hours, reading up tips on how to write (most of it is so generic that you can replace writing with say, cooking and it would still fit in!) and then thought,

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blowing my brains out!

Book - Face of Life
Author - Rijo, Roy
Rating - 1/2 *

As a first reader I am obligated to review this book [even though I cringe at the mere thought of it]. The root of the problem – why such a book was published – goes back to the cursed day when a person called Chetan Bhagat [I absolutely loathe him] materialized out of nowhere into the (Indian) writing world and single handedly managed in pushing the quality of books published to the edge of an abyss and then mercilessly plummeting it into the depths of what can only be called a creative hell hole – again and again. This led to the mushrooming of writers that a) have no real story to tell and b) no writing capability and c) publishing houses that see this as a quick way to make a fast buck without giving a second thought to the devastating effect it’s having in the writing arena.

And Face of Life is the recent victim of this current trending phenomenon. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2012 Challenge Progress

The first four months of the year are over and its time for me to do a quick status check on the challenges that I had undertaken for this year.... yeah I know, status check! Unbelievable!! Well all I can stay in my defense is that its the techie in me, this quality ingrained after all these years of providing and requesting status reports....

Well coming back to the challenge - Its been a mixed bag so far - I have read some great, amazing books like Fast Food Nation, The Master and Margarita and some very disappointing ones as well.

I have read 11 books for the A-Z challenge [ actually I have read 12, having repeated the letter L]  so that makes me 46%, this challenge I think I will be able to meet now.

and as far as my Bhagwad Gita challenge goes, it doesnt look so good as I have well, ahem, not even started on it! So, its a disappointing 0%. Bah!