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Monday, March 26, 2012

A Wild(e) Week was a wonderful week.

I inched 3 books closer to my goal...and now completing that challenge seems a distinct possibility...
...Provided I dont have to abandon books halfway as it happened with Losing my Virginity. sigh. There is so much of Me-Me going on in that book that once I kept it aside the only reaction that evokes within me is complete apathy. My inner self seems to groan and rebel at the very thought of picking up from where I left. Good thing I bought it from the 2nd hand shops at CST (Mumbai) so got it for 100 bucks only (40% refundable - now can any one get such a deal through online shopping?)

I am replacing this book with Life is Elsewhere (another book that I had abandoned earlier - what irony).

I digress again.

The week began on a Wild note - Oscar Wilde - ha!
Courtsey goodreads I read my very first Oscar Wilde play. (I hope a play counts - what were the rules..well they can be The book is free under public domain [I love this - I already have my next challenge drawn out - read 26 books at 0 cost..he he]

A 3-act play called "Importance of Being Earnest" that wraps up in mere 90 odd pages is a sweet, funny, laced with sarcasm that was quite prevalent in the old school of writing.
The play is about love [or the pursuit of the lover]  like so many other classics of that age - but it focuses more on the manipulations done by the different parties involved to achieve their goal, never mind that schemeing is not the way to go about getting the love of your life...the story revolves around the name "Earnest" and the implications that befall the protagonists as a result of that.

Its a light read, one that you can finish in an hour's its free (didnt I mention that before, what else do you need) so if you are bored at work/college then you know where to go & what to do

This one doesnt get a rating from me, but recommended if a change of style and pace is what you are looking for..

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