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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Want some Whackiness? You got it....!

Book - Roald Dahl, Best Of

* * *

After a long long time, I finally get to read some really good short stories which when they claim have a "twisted" end, they indeed do unlike some ahem Mr Archer...

What the book is about
Its a collection of Roald Dahl's finest [A presumption some may say for I have heard about them - yes, seen them - yes read them - no] short stories that promise to end in a convoluted and sinister way and happily enough live up to that claim [unlike you know who...]

What I liked
The stories are great, each one completely different from the previous one and the ending is superb for most of them [at least 80%] which leave you wondering and guessing of the plight of the was a treat for a change
The English is British, which I have no problems with, a tad old fashioned and not very contemporary, which again I have no problems with - after all my most favorite books are classics so...The author does a wonderful job in etching out the characters and their idiosyncrasies and builds up the plot in an admirable way and many times I was on the edge of my seat [literally] wondering what will happen in the end...if an author can keep me that hooked, kudos to him!

What I didnt like
Umm....difficult to say, the first story was the most disappointing for me, I didn't understand it and I am glad I didnt leave the book after the first one, else I would have only myself to blame...
As you can see I am finding it hard to list the -ves [for a change] so the logical answer would be there isnt anything I didnt like...I enjoyed the book

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