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June is dedicated to authors with ASIAN of books in this category will be posted all month....

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Wild(e) Week was a wonderful week.

I inched 3 books closer to my goal...and now completing that challenge seems a distinct possibility...
...Provided I dont have to abandon books halfway as it happened with Losing my Virginity. sigh. There is so much of Me-Me going on in that book that once I kept it aside the only reaction that evokes within me is complete apathy. My inner self seems to groan and rebel at the very thought of picking up from where I left. Good thing I bought it from the 2nd hand shops at CST (Mumbai) so got it for 100 bucks only (40% refundable - now can any one get such a deal through online shopping?)

I am replacing this book with Life is Elsewhere (another book that I had abandoned earlier - what irony).

I digress again.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Want some Whackiness? You got it....!

Book - Roald Dahl, Best Of

* * *

After a long long time, I finally get to read some really good short stories which when they claim have a "twisted" end, they indeed do unlike some ahem Mr Archer...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Author - Jim Crace

Its not the book, its me....

What the book is about

Its a story about four people (and a fifth who is there in the background with the name "Jesus") who go into a voluntary quarantine of forty days in the hostile mountains where both food and water is a luxuary. During their stay they are exploited by a cunning and scheming merchant who was left for the dead [ his wife gladly digging his grave] only to be returned back to life by "Jesus" unknowingly. How this group of people survive the ordeal, each having their own agendas and what happens in the end to this group is what this book is all about.