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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Zero Percentile 2.0

The book in review is a giveaway win from author Niraj Chibba and is a sequel to an earlier book of the same name i.e. Zero Percentile which I haven’t read.

What is the book about
It’s a story about four people who are or were friends and the twists and turns in their lives that take place. The setting of the story has an IT context and the race to launch a product that will change the dynamics of the Pharma Industry. Motu, the co-founder of NumeroSoft and his team of friends who are also his collegues at work come together to fight the plot against a hostile takeover of the company and thwart any attempts to sabotage their unique product which they have named as ‘Babe’.
A parallel thread about the personal challenges of each of these characters is also woven into the story – be it Arun’s marriage issues and struggle with the acceptance of his ‘special’ daughter, Nitin’s fight against AIDS, Jhaanvi’s battle against her past ghosts that has forever prejudiced her mind against men.

What I liked about the book

The book is like a typical Bollywood masala movie. It has all the ingredients to make it a blockbuster** – there is love, revenge, death – all the spicy stuff. So if you like this genre then the book is for you. The story is fast paced and has enough characters with their convoluted sub-stories to keep you going. As I am from an IT background, I had to no issues in having empathy for the IT issues that the characters in the story faced – so this aspect of the story should find resonance within the readers of the IT group.

What I didn’t like about the book

I want to say I liked everything about the book given that it’s a giveaway but somehow I can’t do that – not for the genuine book lovers out there whom I do not wish to misguide.

The book has its flaws – and quite a few of them in fact. From a purely technical perspective, the flow of chapters i.e. the editing is a nightmare. There is so much jumping from one character to the other in the first section of the book that it made me nauseous. I observed a few grammatical mistakes which is a strict No-No for any published book by Rupa Co. The writing is very amateurish, and the author has a long way to go to even become a Chetan Bhagat [whom I despise as well]

The story is pretty unimaginative, with a predictable end. I haven’t read the earlier book but I don’t think that made any difference whatsoever. I am tired of books based on IT industry or IIT as they are churned out in a very stereotypical manner. There are more facets to these institutions which should be explored instead. None of the characters or their motives – except that of the villains, but naturally – have any merit.

** Just as not every Bollywood movie even though it has all the right ingredients doesn’t become a blockbuster, similarly not every book will become a bestseller. The story is just one part of a book – the writing skill, editing etc play an even more crucial part.

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