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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My First Giveaway Win

I had particiapted in a Giveaway on GoodReads never actually thinking that I would win - the odds are always against and the eternal skeptic that I am, it was a pleasant surprise to see an email sitting there all smiles in my inbox.

The book in question is by an Indian Author - Neeraj Chibba - and the book is Zero Percentile 2.0
 Its a sequel to the earlier book with the same name. I havent read that but I am hoping that it will have little impact on the story...

Expect a review of it pretty soon....


  1. I just came to your blog after the good reads profile page, Nice to see someone who really love book as much as I am fond of... :)

    1. Agree...Its always nice to run into another book lover & you're now on my friend list in goodreads :-)