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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Serendipty moment with Books

Its one of those days that start of on an usual note and then suddenly there is what is called a "Serendipity" moment which changes your day dramatically....

I am in Mumbai, a guilty escape trip from work, and although its not really a book-lover kind of city, it is very well known for its numerous and obscure book stores that have sprouted in different nooks and corners of this chaotic city - which are a haven for bibliophiles.
There used to be Flora Fountain in the Fort area of the city when I was working in Mumbai some 5 years ago - it was lanes of books - new books, old books, terribly old books that fell apart the moment you touched them yet were pricless - all that is gone today post "no-hawking" rules that squashed all our hopes. The result? these small book stores that have mushroomed in differnet corners.

And it was one such store that I found - one of those discoveries which you find only when you are lost, if you know what I mean - I was on my way to the famous Linking road in Bandra (a shoppers paradise) - when I spotted this shop sitting between a ciggerete/paan store and a eating joint - after I asked the auto-rickshaw guy to take a wrong turn (I dont know what I was thinking).

One look at the store and I knew what it was. It was a 3ft sq shop that was stalked with books of all possible genres, books by any author that you can think of - it was all there. The shopkeeper gave me one look and said - we have a sale going on down the lane. SALE!!!??? A discount on already discounted prices - this is what is called perhaps as JACKPOT (said with a blissful smile)

2 and a half hours later I sorrowfully dragged myself away from that place with five books [ 3 for me, 2 for my husband] for Rs 900 (which is around 18$) and a nagging voice in my head which said that I could have bargained more [thats the problem with us Indians]. There were some really amazing books there - but I had to cut into my temptations consoling myself that end of the month I would be back again after assurances from the book seller that he wasnt going anywhere soon and neither was my love for books.

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