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Monday, December 26, 2011

Season's Greetings & My last book review of the year

Sending out Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes to the universe :-)

Am reading the last book of the year - Indian Short Stories selected by Kushwant Singh [Vol 1], a collection of stories in the indian backdrop from some famous and some not so famous authors [surprisingly some famous names like Premchand didnt make it to the list].. the stories are short and as most of them are translated either from Hindi or Urdu, one can sense the lost in translation effect - the phrases that can be captured in one language cannot always make it to a different language without losing their beauty. I found most of the stories that I have read so far a bit abrupt without a clear message, also the earlier indian authors had a marked inclination towards sad endings...probably they mirrored the indian society problems of religion and poverty which we have been shielded from by our parents very effectively so find difficult to relate to.

I give it * * stars, pick it up for a journey or some situation where you dont have the luxuary to give undivided attention to the book. You can leave it in the middle and come back [which wont be difficult as its definitely not a page turner] and continue again without the "interuppted" feel.

Anyways this will be the last of my very brief reviews of the year - Will be back next year and hopefully 2012 would be more regularised with book reviews on a frequent basis...

Going back to creating the resolutions for 2012 [with generous inputs from my husband - good and bad ;-) ]

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