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Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Re-Reading Phase

I am going through a re-reading phase for books, for no apparent reason.
Was purusing through the limited stock of books that I have right now (post shifting houses and a life as well) when I came across Atlas Shrugged. Its been 6 years since I had read this one, and with my limited memory serving as an aid i.e. having no recollection of the book, I started reading it. The pace is excruciatingly slow - juggling with work, home and whatever time is left after that with a few pages of the book. What is making it more daunting is the fact that Rand is a complex writer. Every sentence of hers has numerous implications and meaning and absorbing each line is an effort. This is not one of the books that you can take up for a light read for sure. It actually makes me wonder how I read it the first time (ok a little confession here - I didnt actually finish the book, abandoned it towards the very end). But still its a classic which any genuine lover of books has to read.

The other book that I am planning on re-reading from my collection is "A million little pieces" , "Liar's Poker" and one of the John Grisham's just to lighten up the process. Thinking about the re-reads it makes me realize that I can practically re-read all of them - I seem to have forgotten most of it....I wonder if other readers also have this same experience...

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