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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fiction Book Exchange

I am sure quite a few of you would have heard about book SWAPS -between strangers :-).

So as I have quite a few books [all original & in very good condition] that I have read [and re-read], I thought of letting it out to other book lovers in the country who would like to read them and in that way make space for new books.

Why am I doing this? - Because I cant keep buying books everytime and hoarding them up and in the country the library system is really poor, so this is my effort to find a solution for it.

For the complete list of books that are available please check the tab Book Swap
The rules for this exchange are simple and listed below:

1. Its open only for India

2. When you request for a book from the above as a comment to this article, mention a) why you want that particular book b) which book are you exchanging it for [provide me a list as I may have read some of them] c) a URL to your blog if you have one

3. The shipping cost [regular post] will be borne by me (obviously) and the only reason I am doing so will be because there will be a book in exchange that I will get for it [exceptions allowed if reason is genuine]. This is a complete TRUST based exchange, so there wont be any books in the future if you don’t play fair, which will be a loss to the other genuine book lovers out there as everyone will be a suspect going forward.

4. If there are multiple requests for the same book, the selection will be random pick between the names.

5. Once you get the book, please post an acknowledgement so that I know it has reached safe hands

6. The address where the book has to be shipped will be exactly what will be provided by you in an email to me.


  1. Hi Nidhi,

    I like this idea. Send me an email to visakhcr at gmail dot com. I will email you a list of books I have got. Also, I will try to find out a courier service nearby.

  2. Hi Visakh - Thanks for the thumbs up to the idea! Please check your emails, you will find one from me....

    1. same here. Tweet @arzvi or mail me at arunrocks at gmail. Got tons of books.

    2. Hi Nidhi
      Great idea. Please keep Kafka on the Shore in reserve for me. My id is: mohitparikh[at]gmail[dot]com