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Friday, December 2, 2011

Chick Lits of the trashy category

Chick flicks (umm what is the equivalent of that for books?) of the sub standard quality.

Chasing Harry Winston - 1/2 *
I dont know how she does it - * *

I have made some bad judgments and at times I have made unforgivable judgments. And buying “Chasing Harry Winston” was one of them. I don’t know what I was thinking then & I don’t know what I am thinking about it still….

There should be a ban to publish such low and sub-standard books and use the marketing hype of previous bestsellers (even that surprises me) to sell shoddy work!

I completed the book, flipped through multiple pages at a time without even reading and yet ended up having a headache. The three characters (the author obviously wrote this when she was sleep deprived and had lost complete control over her writing abilities) are shallow, confused and apparently have nothing better to do in their life than to die over boys/men and have stupid get together and some how things miraculously work for them in work and in personal life – LAME, oh so Lame…. What a shame! And what a shame on me to even read it..yukkk….makes me sick even thinking about it…am using up all my self control to not dump this one into the garbage can. If anyone wants a free copy, let me know asap!! (ps – but don’t shoot me after that)

Poor writing, no memorable characters, situation – junk.

The other one that I read was “I don’t know how she does it”. Actually let me correct that. I “re-read” this one as I had nothing better to do. I had also clearly forgotten the book entirely with very few sections that I still somehow vaguely recollected as having read before….but it was surprising that the book turned out to be a new read for me the second time round.

Anyways, coming back to the book and a possible reason why I don’t remember reading it was because I couldn’t relate to the main character – a working successful mother of 3 kids who is juggling (obviously) both work and home. Why can’t authors come up with more innovative themes?(a corollary would be why readers (i.e me) can’t read more innovative books?) But, the change this time around was that I could empathize with the character atleast…because this time around I had gone from single to married – perhaps I should read it a third can guess when…

It’s not bad, better than Crappy Harry Winston – atleast it has some smart writing that does guarantee some good laughs, plus has more believable character who for a change are not losing sleep over men (atleast its not the single most thought all the time in their head). What was sad to know that she struggles so hard to maintain her work had to quit for home (although in the end she tries to indicate a reversal) is not a message that should go out in today’s world where most of the firms are finding ways to keep their women employees at work post motherhood.

Again not a book men (read husbands) would be interested in and this is solely for the married and working women out there – read it and forget it.


  1. Yeesh, those sound like agony, lol! "Chick Lit" would be the book genre counterpart to "Chick Flicks", and it's a genre I don't have much affection for. It may just be the single least innovative genre out there. I don't understand how these books keep getting published, honestly, just for the fact that they all appear to be the SAME! Anyway, I'll make sure to avoid Chasing Harry Winston in future and do something more fun. Like stick a fork in my eye ;)

  2. Of Course - chick "Lit" (me --> duh!!) - Exactlyyy they so run the predictable course...even I have vowed to steer clear of all the chick lits...