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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Rating - * (for story) + * * (writing style)

You know the feeling when you are sitting with your favorite dessert in your hand [after days and days of being deprived of it...] and how much you relish and enjoy every bite yet somewhere there is a growing sadness that with every bite its also getting over? Its the exact same feeling that I had when I was reading this book.

I dont even think its possible that someone cannot like the writing - there were lines which upon reading all I could do was marvel at the geniusness [if thats a word] of the author and his creativity to come up with such beautiful expressions. I havent read any of his books but I already am a huge fan of Daniel Handler.

Of course, I have to also somewhere conceede that these are not your typical run of the mill kinds of short stories - no Kushwant Singh, Jhumpa Lahiri stuff - these are stories that are abstract leaving you to guess and correlate, and the fact that he repeats the names of his characters adds to this confusion and you kind of question yourself - is this the same Andrea? is this the same Joe? If you just look at the story then its very hard to appreciate this book and many will be tempted to abandon it mid way.

Don't pick up this book hoping that you will get a start and end, with a strong story in between. No, that is not something that will happen.
Pick up this book if you want to soak in some really good writing and let yourself bask in it - and just like you eat your dessert with relish, read this one with the same feeling dont rush through it or the magic will be lost.

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