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Friday, July 1, 2011

Go Kiss the World - Subroto Bagchi

Rating - * * 1/2
I purchased this book after hearing the name of the book in one of the workshops that I was attending for young leaders.  The name was a pretty catchy one and it latched onto some corner of my brain because the next time I made a trip to the book store with the single minded thought of buying the book and devouring it the moment I reached home. Alas, it was not to be.

I read this book in two stretches – the gap between them being more that six months.  When I started the book, I found its initial chapters boring. They didn’t strike a chord with me and had a narration that was too simplistic with no attempt to weave a “charm” in the story. The anecdotes failed to click and as Bagchi’s childhood years transitioned to adulthood with the flipping of pages without registering any impact whatsoever in my mind, my interest started dwindling and I put the book aside.

I picked this up after six months when I had nothing better to do.  This time, I willed my self to finish another chapter and then one more and then slowly I got hooked to the book. As Bagchi covered the years when he moved to the IT world I was able to relate to his words, his experiences and appreciate his wisdom. The later chapter of the book covers how mindtree was founded and all the months of toil and labour that went into creating a successful enterprise both in the Indian and global IT landscape.
Bagchi doles out wisdom by cartful – its up to the reader to accept or reject them.

“Go Kiss the World” is a mixed bag, but it never reaches the mark set by JWelch or Iaccoca. It’s a story about a man with ordinary roots who turned it into an extraordinary life. Subroto Bagchi’s journey is memorable, but unfortunately the book isn’t.

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