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Monday, May 18, 2009


Five of the worst books I have read, totally my opinion which may be contrary to popular belief..
My Name is Red
Suicidal. Afterr ccompleting the book the only feeling I was left with was that as a reader I should have been the one who should have been awarded the Nobel Prize. I am not sure which part of the book can justify the Nobel Prize for literature that was awarded to it... The book starts on an interesting note, with a murder and then after a few chapters rambles on and on about the artists and manuscripts and after a point you stop caring about who the murderer was and want either to finish the book or throw it away... I almost threw it away, but because of some reason unknown to me, I managed to complete the book and managed to stay alive as well. Heck-no for this book.

King of Torts
Mediocre.This one was a disappointment. Being a John Grisham fan, I was looking forward to reading his book after a long time, but this one was a big let down. Neither did the characters appeal nor did the story, not to forget the portrayal of the women in this book being very stereo-typically male. I havent recovered from the shock of having read this book, and though it has been years, I havent picked up any more Grisham books after this one. Avoid this one.

Interpreter of Maladies
Boring.Quite a few people like it, I think it was very mediocre. Definitely not worth the attention it got, with the Pulitzer. The stories are average, the writing even more and if you dont read this one, you havent missed anything. Its boring, with the oft-repeated and now too common theme of Indians settled overseas who miss their culture,country et al...and stories that end abruptly and leave you with wondering what it was all about. Read it if you have nothing better to do.

Until I Find You
Gross. Thats the one word that comes to my mind when I think about this book. Its given that when you read Irving's books, the characters are not commonplace and have a twisted and convoluted feel about them. But for me this one crosses the limit. The graphic details of the 8-something Jack and his sexual encounters left me feeling very uncomfortable and disgusted. Its a big voluminous book that gets repetitive and seems to have its own flow that doesnt seem to be going in any direction. Pick up another of John Irving's book instead and if you have read them all then re-read it, just to avoid this one.

Eleven Minutes
Crap. Paulo Cohelo is famous for a reason I cant fathom and this book makes me even more curious. It has a very stale storyline - innocent girl from small town is fooled into becoming a bar/prostitute. Give me a break. Why cant writers think up of something new? And why do such mediocre stuff get the attention it doesnt even deserve. I couldnt finish the book and at the first chance that I had, I offloaded it to a friend and havent seen it since. And boy am I glad.